Nite Ize Mini Glow Stick

7.00 $
Brand New & Authentic!

BRIGHT & Colourful Glow Sticks with Sleek Design in 4 Colours
Excellent alternative to traditional chemical LIGHT STICKS as the batteries AG3 are replaceable for endless hours of night time visibility!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for users who do fishing at night as it provides vision at night!
Best part is that it floats ^^

Key Features:
⭐️Twist to ON & OFF
⭐️Included #0 plastic S-Biner to clip on
⭐️Waterproof & Floating
⭐️Runs for 60hours

Diameter: .8" | 19.1mm
Length: 6.2" | 157mm
Weight: .6 oz | 18g

4 Colours : White,Blue,Green,Red
Popular Colour - Blue & Green Sold Out
Kindly wait for restock that will come by end of January

Get yours for $7 a piece!
For further questions, contact me @ 97722057!
Posted Date
January 11, 2017
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