Rare Daiwa Certate 2500 Custom Red ( Cut Throat Price !!! )

680.00 $
Collector's item !!! Yes it's a Red Daiwa Certate ( in my humble opinion, like a Red Ferrari)

New Piece + New Gears ( scratchless )

Comes with Box, Reel Pouch, Manual + Spare washers

Perfect pairing with new 40 mm Daiwa RCS handle ( wow ) with new Daiwa Red Knob ( wow wow)

and of course with new Daiwa RCS 2506 Air Spool (wow, wow, wow) ( pls take note it is not a red spool as shown in picture, need to add $80 for Red spool)

Can't bear to part with it if I go on further........( did u notice the gold shaded dress up parts , nice)

Package include (all are new, never used before)

1) Daiwa Certate 2500 Custom Red Body
2) 40mm Daiwa RCS Handle (machine cut)
3) Daiwa RCS 2506 Knob ( different from picture, need to add $80 for Daiwa Red Spool)
4) Daiwa RCS 2506 Red Spool (as shown in picture)
5) 2 sets of Dress up kit ( original: gun metal colour and original Daiwa I'ze Factory gold colour kit)
6) Orginal Box, Daiwa Original Pouch, and Manual ( with spare washers, remain sealed since purchase)
Posted Date
February 24, 2017
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