Fresh Tamban

5.00 $
Fresh Tamban or India Oil Sardine, Excellent Proven baits for Day and Night/ INSHORE/OFFSHORE/POND Sports fishing .Available Daily.
As I'm no longer supplying to local shops ,therefore I have a prefect control over my catch and bought back on immediate bait's Cure and sea Salting Preservation.

•READY STOCKS DAILY. (Link below) Check out my item! Tamban (Sardinellas)fishing baits for S$5!
•Flexible Collecting Time
(Evening / Night Preferred) Thank u
•WhatsApp, 91461939 for availability
Waterway Cascadia
314A Punggol Way
Singapore 821314

▪︎Ready stocks for grab
▪︎Replenish Stocks daily if any
▪︎100% Guaranteed NOT processed with Freshwater
▪︎100% Guaranteed Cure and Sea Salting process BEFORE freezing retaining ALL Original/Freshness/Scents/Taste/favour.
▪︎Fishes are Individually separated
even is 100% frozen and is neatly
packed for easy storage and usage.
▪︎Could store for weeks
▪︎Customizing Baits Sizes for U
▪︎Small/ Regular/ Big for Kaki
individual needs and liking.
■《Pls Refer to my estimated Size Chart in the picture for preference》
▪︎25 fishes Small /pack$5
▪︎20 fishes normal /pack $5
▪︎15 fishes Big /pack $5

As a passionate Anglers, I hope my humble knowledge and experience in constantly improving my hunting and handling fishes could provide U Affordable with Best Quality bait's increasing Chances, attracting attention and interest from fishes around to trigger bites for your fishing trips .

My Job is to deliver the best fresh baits and now is up to u to discover and witness .

Alternatively,u may also visit Carousel, bait_fish609 or tap the link above for more pictures info.
Thank u very much.
Posted Date
November 1, 2019
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