Squid Prawn Green LED Light for Night Fishing 60W 6000 lumens Marine Boat 12V

100.00 $
Attract prawns, squids and Fish to your favourite spot with these ultra bright LED fishing lights. The plankton and bait fish activity will attract larger fishes to your location.
These Underwater Fishing lights can penetrate up to 75m through water to attract marine life at night. They are same brightness as the ones used by large commercial fishing vessels.
Connect to any battery or power supply capable of 60W. (5A for 12V, 2.5A for 24V)

1. Beautiful appearance design
2. Long lifespan >30,000 hours
3. Wide voltage, with 12-24VDC
4. Green Light, environmental protection
5. Low power consumption, high efficiency, economic
6. Green
7. CE and RoHS approval, IP68
8. Connect to any 12 or 24v battery or power supply capable 60W

fishing lure lights
Power 60W
12-24V DC
Green: 6000lm
Beam Angle 360°+120°
Lighting efficiency 90%
IP Rate IP68
Cable length 6M
Size 80x120
Net weight 1800g
Working temperature (in water) ≤40°c
Life time 30000Hours

Pickup kembangan area or by mail
Posted Date
July 20, 2017
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