Zeiss Lens Cleaning Wet Wipes (stock available)

10.00 $
Pre moistened lens wipes by Zeiss. $10 per box of 50 sachets.

Selling at 3 for $25. Best deal 8 boxes for $50. See if you guys wanna split and purchase.

This works particularly well for me on offshore fishing days, sunglasses and regular glasses tend to be blurred out by sea spray

Other information:
•Use on regular spectacle lenses,sunglass lenses,mobile phone,tablet,camera lenses,watch glass frames etc..basically anything that you require to be smudge free
•Easily remove smudges and dirt
•Safe for use on lenses with anti reflective coating
•High tech ammonia free formula
•Cleans effectively without leaving streaks or residue
•Contains isopropyl alcohol

Let me know if keen, contact me via whatsapp at 91019077, collect at 543286 or we can discuss the most convenient location.
Posted Date
May 15, 2018
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