Japan Fishing Trip July 15th to July 19th

3000.00 $
Japan Classic Fishing Trip
Shikoku & Chugoku Region
July 15th to July 19th, 2019
Small Group Size Max 5 people
Specialised local knowledge,
Learn from Local Japanese fishing legends,
Tomozuri, Keiryuzuri, Sea Fishing
Lure, Bait, Fly all possible.
Fishing for Ayu, Amago, Trout and more on request.
All accommodation, food and drinks included, stay in rural location, with Hot Spring in house, OR in city location for entertainment and comfort factor.
Choice 1: Day 1: Pick-up at Kansai International Airport, transfer via Alphard to Ikeda City, Tokushima. Orientation, welcome meal, prepare for first day of fishing, introduction to fishing area.
Day 2, 3 & 4: Choice of Tomozuri, fishing for Ayu, using livebait in the famous Yoshino River. Or Keiryuzuri, fishing for Amago using fly, bait for lure, in the tributaries of the Yoshino River. Choice of dinner at Yakiniku Restaurant, eat real Japanese Wagyu! Or eat real Japanese sushi. Stay in countryside for most of trip, city trip at end of visit.

Choice 2: Day 1: move to from Kansai Airport to Okayama City, Day 2: trout fishing using Lure, Bait or Fly at Location in North Okayama Prefecture. Day 3 & 4: Move to Tokushima for Tomozuri and Keiryuzuri as above. Stay in countryside for most of trip, city trip at end of visit.

Choice 3: Day 1: move to Okayama, Day 2, 3 & 4: enjoy 3 day free combination of sea fishing with pvt. boat in Seto Inland Sea (National Park), and second choice of fishing for trout in North Okayama using Lure, Bait or Fly. Stay in City for nightlife entertainment during whole trip…

Day 5 Friday final full day, transfer to Kansai area for shopping and R&R in downtown Osaka. Last night of entertainment before departure on Saturday morning.
All inclusive only SGD3,000 Price includes fishing equipment, (ex. clothing, bring your own lure and rod also OK), all food and drinks, accommodation, transfer to and from airport by Alphard, Japanese local guide, Translator for whole trip. (excluding flight). Contact Paul @ japan.fishing.trips@gmail.com for more details. Trip organizer gets trip 50% off when organizing a trip for total 5 people. You can share discount with friends or keep for yourself!!
Posted Date
April 8, 2019
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