"Loose Kaki" Fishing Charter

55.00 $
Good news Fishing Kakis!

We have just found a new partner. We now have a 45 foot fibreglass fishing boat for all of you. The boat can accommodate 10 fishing kakis for each trip.

For those of you who do not have a lot of fishing kakis to share the boat with, do not worry as we will arrange the kakis for you.

The experienced skipper and another guide will bring you to fishing spots off Coney Island, Pulau Ubin, Changi, Hyundai, Johor Shoal and Marine Parade to help hunt for fishes to fight with.

The boat is equipped with a toilet (ladies friendly), comfortable lounge area and after you are tired fighting the fishes, an area where you can rest.

There are livewells for your live baits and plenty of storage areas for your reel and gear, although we discourage you from bringing your cooler boxes as we already have them on the boat.

Included in the package will the following:
1. Complimentary Drinking Water
2. Hot Tea and Coffee
3. Live Prawns

You can bring your own tahpowed food but we also have some modestly priced BOB (Buy-On-Board) light food/snacks/soft drinks should you run out of your own.

Fishing Kaki special offer is $80/person. Minimum 6 kakis to launch.

If you can arrange for 10 kakis for your group, the following rates apply.

Day Fishing: $550 (8am - 6pm)
- $55/pax only!

Night Fishing: $750 (7pm - 7am)
-$75/pax only!

Day and Night Fishing : $950 (7pm - 7pm next day)
-$95/pax only!

Compare the above to what some fishing ponds charge $60 (3hours) & $110 (6hours), we think our rates are very reasonable.

To be informed of our "loose fishing kaki trips", PM us the following:
1. Name
2. Mobile #
3. Number of Kaki
4. Day preferred (weekday/Saturday/Sunday/Public Holiday)
5. Day/Night/Day&Night Trip preferred.

Unfortunately, there have been kakis who have "flown aeroplane" ie pilots before and therefore we would require a booking deposit. For full (10pax) boat booking, a deposit of $100 is required. For individual kaki booking, $40 deposit is required. Payments by Pay lah! preferred.

If we take too long to reply to your PM, please sms us the above details to Uncle Jumaat @ 93385975.

See you on the boat!
Posted Date
August 1, 2017
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