3 Way Swivel Brass Barrel (LARGE) - CHEAP & GOOD!

3.00 $
3 Way Swivel Brass Barrel (LARGE) - CHEAP & GOOD!
Size: LARGE (see pix)
Test: 28kg
Qty: 10 pcs per pack
Luminous leader lines, 1 M long, hook size #19 - 10 sets per pack ($5 per pack)

NOW: $3 per pack; Previously $4 per pack

You always get frustrated when you find your leader line twisted and tangled up.
Fret no more - use the 3-Way Swivels .
Combine this with the LUMINOUS leader lines
Just tag a bait and let the luminous light do the job - see pix #4
You won't be disappointed!

This is LARGE size swivel ideal for offshore fishing & surf casting.

Mail Order only
(You will receive it within 3 days in your letter box)
OR you can come direct to my block 41 Sims Drive s380041.

Condition: Brand New
Asking: $3 for 10pcs (3-way Swivel)
$5 for 10 sets (Luminous line)
SMS: 97836388
Mailing: $1 only (Posb Acct)
Tag: offshore fishing,fishing reel,fishing rod,fishing tackle,fishing hooks,fishing line,fishing accessories
Posted Date
November 30, 2017
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