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8 Strand 500m coloured Braided lines Promo 1roll = only SGD $40 , Highend Quality

40.00 $
8Strand 500m coloured Braided lines
All the stocks are here, come see and feel the difference.
Beware of FAKE Braided lines
(Thinner, Smoother ,Stronger and better )
Very light and Thin , good for casting and Luring . Made in Taiwan
Every colour is 10 meters, Good measurement to check sea depth, jigging at certain depth, fish pulling power, how much line is left in the reel when fighting big fish, can decide how much line to load into reel. Henry = 91899341
•Constructed of Performance Fibers and Ultra High Molecule PE fibers for fast sinking
•Improved sensitivity and bite detection
•Quicker and more efficient hook-sets
•Very high abrasion resistance
•Extreme strength, no stretching effect
>Very Low Water Absorption
1roll = only SGD $40
500m/550Yard 8lb-0.10mm = $40
500m/550Yard 10lb-0.12mm = $40
500m/550Yard 15lb-0.15mm = $40
500m/550yard 20lb-0.18mm = $40
500m/550yard 25lb-0.20mm = $40
500m/550yard 30lb-0.23mm = $40
500m/550yard 35lb-0.27mm = $40
500m/550yard 40lb-0.30mm = $40
500m/550yard 45lb-0.32mm = $40
500m/550yard 50lb-0.35mm = $40
500m/550yard 60lb-0.40mm = $40
500m/550yard 70lb-0.45mm = $40
Come see and feel the difference
Self- collect at boon keng Mrt (exit c )or collect at Mcnair road, postcode 320123
For home delivery to anywhere in Singapore, minimun Purchase 2 roll and pls add
sgd $5 more.
Thanks for looking at my ad..
Henry = 91899341
Posted Date
July 3, 2020
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