Single Hook Apollo T-Knot Rigs for Bottom Fishing

3.00 $
Good quality, strong, tested and proven, single hook Apollo T-Knot Rigs for light bottom fishing. Good for use in local & Malaysian waters, Sedili, Tg Leman, Rompin, Tioman etc. I strongly recommend using only single hook for light bottom fishing for optimal feel & feedback thus better setting of hooks.

Rig details
Main line - 40-50lb soft nylon
Branch line to hook - 30lb hard Dupont (recommended for high abrasion resistance) or 50lb Fluoro-Carbon. Harder line used for main branch will have a better presentation for the hook & bait while also prevent tangling with the main line.
Hook - Size 2/0 or 3/0 Beak/Octopus hooks (Owner/Gamakatsu type)

Made to order in sets of 10s.
Basic set without hooks & swivels from $2.30 each.
Normal set with 2/0 hooks and swivel for easy change of sinkers at $3.00 each. (Lines, hooks, swivels can be customized to your preference subject to additional charges)

Item made to order upon request. Customisable request for other lines & hook kindly pm or contact Aaron at 968O601O. Offer if keen and kindly commit after offer is accepted. Thank you.

Mailing & Delivery available upon request (but subject to additional costs)
Posted Date
June 6, 2020
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