Every time Daddy buy buzzbait lures! Your Kids will get 2 free toys from us!

22.90 $
* We support family fishing promo is aim to bring family together for fun fishing!
* Everytime daddy buy buzzbait lures, kids will get free 2 toys from us!
* our free gifts for your kids are in the form of realistic fishing lures that can be used as keychain / display, please note that the key chain is not included.
* Contact us for more detail of what kind of free gifts available!
* This combo comprises of 2 buzzbait and free 2 free gifts.
* Your kid is entitled for 2 lures from us! these lures can be a mixed from our available stocks.
* The more you buy lures, the happier your kid is :)
* We will keep this promo while stocks last!
* Lure specs can be found in the photo.
* Lures & free gifts color can be choose from our available colors.
* No trade.
* Whatsapp 81984377
Posted Date
September 21, 2019
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