Carbon Fibre jigging handle with T-Bar / Torpedo knob

100.00 $
Brand new carbon fibre jigging reel handle with T-bar / torpedo foam knob

Weight: 80g
Hole size: 8*5mm (Two holes)
Handle Length: 122.5mm
Knob Length: 85.5mm
Handle thickness: 6.5mm (thick and sturdy)

Made with beautiful carbon fibre weave, Will definitely change the look of your jigging reel
Fits Shimano OJ or Daiwa Ryoga and most other similar jigging reels.

Large foam torpedo / T-Bar knob and longer handle is great for cranking up monsters from deep.

Large knob also gives firm grip so that you can actually strike and pump using the strength of both hands to pull, rather than using just the one hand that is holding on to the rod

Posted Date
July 13, 2018
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