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420.00 $
Selling this reel as I have more than sufficient BC reels to use.

External: 9.5/10 (no visible scratches)
Internal: 9.5/10 (simply because it has been used, but it is still smooth)

Bought this reel and didn't had time to use it. (No time to go wet line)

Line not even spooled in before.

-G1 Duralumin ultra high precision 32SV spool specification.
G1 Adopt ultra-high precision MA air brake system made by duralumin.
The line capacity corresponding to bait finesse using thicker thread.
By making the spool deeper than the air model, it brings comfort to all "somewhat finesse" rigs.

-High precision machine cut air
metal housing
By adopting air metal (magnesium alloy) as the main housing, by making the set plate made of aluminum, it is lightweight and exhibits high rigidity to suppress blur and distortion.
It is also directly connected to improvement of turning performance and winding performance.

Does not come with box. (have misplaced them my apologies)

Contact me at 97588199 for more details, do not pm me on FK.
Posted Date
March 10, 2020
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