Essential upgrade for Stradic

20.00 $
Group buy. Latest upgrade part (pic 1) from Shimano 2020.
These is a major weakness in the drag system of Stadic FB or FL.
Pic.2 can see the different in the thickness of center slot of the silver washer from Stradic what hold the main shaft to create drag.
Pic 4 are the damage to the main shaft (very costly) after high drag run due to high loading on a very small contact area caused by the thin washer.
Pic. 3 With the new washer (black) the overall contact area are increase from 1.2mm to 3.3mm, that's almost 200% increase in contact area to the main shaft.

Upgrade consist of 2 part. Upper and lower washer stack 100% OEM parts from Shimano latest high end model.

Fit for 2500 - C5000 Shimano reel.

50% deposit before order of parts.

Not doing this for profit, just to share the upgrades with fellow kakis.
Posted Date
May 23, 2020
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