Valiant sw5000 & EUPRO hammer II jig rod

120.00 $
Valiant reel (SW5000) - used 2 times only
Letting go at sgd120
8+1 Stainless Steel ball bearing
Gear ratio 5.2:1
loaded 30lbs power pro - used 2 times only
No scratches at all, totally looks new
Condition 9.5 /10

EUPRO Hammer II Jig (HRS-582M) - used 2 times only
Letting go at sgd 80
Line: pe 2-4
Jig: 200g
Length: 5'8''
Condition 9/10

Great for beginner and advance user.
Really a good price with great and good condition.

Wanna change to heavier set for upcoming SCS trip!

If getting both, I'm letting go at sgd185

Patient is the key word - fishing
Posted Date
October 23, 2015
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