Tailwalk Elan PG 81R + Extra Spool Shallow spool

130.00 $
Tailwalk Elan PG 81R (Righthand) + Extra Spool Shallow spool

Sale only, not interested in any trades coz clearing excess under used gear. Excellent condition no less than 9.5/10. Impulse purchase n hardly used it. No scratches, no corrosion.

Full specs on website:

Line cap specs:
Stock spool 20lb mono 100m (is to about PE2 200m)
Additional shallow spool 12lb mono 100m (is about Pe1.2 200m)

Good looks, good price stock 95mm carbon handle n 8.1 extra high speed gear for snakehead surface & heavy cover game. Saltwater OK rating for reel since Japs use this for their rock fish game as well.

*Purchased an additional lower line cap shallow Duralumin Saltwater OK rated spool 12lb mono rating 100m which fits this reel nicely. Good to have and exchange immediately for different line poundage and ops. Purchased from Japan but never used.


Some main selling points of the reel:
-Easy to adjust 6point centrifugal 2 different dial designs on both spools.
-stock handle is 95mm carbon with matching red plates n eva knob (compare what you would have to pay for aftermarket carbon handles like Studio Composite
-Aluminium body n sideplate + Anti rust bearings for SW friendly use
-Includes a pretty compact n premium looking Neoprene cover
-beautiful red bling.

Some additional readup/reviews fyi:




Pls whatsapp/sms Nine003-5o45 to arrange. Tight lines!
Posted Date
March 20, 2020
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