34 advancement HSR-610 VERSION 2

450.00 $
Ajing rod needs no introduction. Direct from Japan. Paid over $800 for this including shipping. Do note this is Advancement Version II.


Condition: Used 9/10

Specs are all in the picture

To consider with lightweight sighed Giga age cheats in countering Giga age seems unthinkable but this rod and Rod is 610 of this it not only finished with a delicate rod.

It to allow a more slender, shaking off what I sighed a delicate presence in better and will bring the center of gravity behind the.

Until the subject of over 40 range from 20 cm around, lurking in the tide yore yore a tidal change in until more than better know as is and the subject seems to most multi activity in the rod can be used.

We have does not feel the length is 610 sensitivity is balanced so much excellent and bean subject short bytes to understand perfect sensitivity.
You can manipulate the over 40 in clear in the parabolic, this one is so can interact without be taken preemptively opponents led by anglers who take very much to be relied.

TipType: solid
Section:2 pc
Closed (cm): 107
Rig wt (g): 0-5.3
Line:0.8-2.5 lb

Deal in the east.
Pm to chat.
Low ballers stay away. Not in a hurry to sell. PM if able to meet the price.
Price firmed. No nego.

Thanks for viewing.
Posted Date
August 2, 2019
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