DeepGame 150-240 (Electric Reel Rod)

380.00 $
Model: Shimano DeepGame 150-240. (Build and best match for Electric reels)
Price: $380.
Condition: 9/10.
Contact: 92767833 if interested.

Carbon and glass content fused together with Shimano Spiral-X, combining strength and power that can capture large fish. The CI4+ reel seat provides a fitting support with long nut for easy tightening. Deep Game, high-load general purpose model, a worthy fit for the wide ocean.

Product no. 150-240
Full length (m) 2.4
Passage (book) 2
124.5 informal dimension (cm)
Weight (g) 295
Target diameter / diameter (mm) 2.6/16.2
Weight load (of) 100-300
57.4 carbon content (%)
Reel seat position (mm) 309
Posted Date
December 3, 2017
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