Hari Raya Popping Sale (Deal by 07Jun19).

950.00 $
I try to list the items as detailed as possible.
Sale will have to be before 07Jun19, else I will just bring these over to the country I'm moving to.
Pick up is only under my block in Tampines as I've sold my car and currently do not have my own mode of transportation.

Popping Rod Ripple Fisher PE 6-8
Brand: Ripple Fisher
Model: Ultimo 82 UG82MH
PE: Max 8
Lure: 180g

Good condition, except for the flaws shown in photos. Scratch due to placement of several rods together. Take a close look at the rod itself when you're under my block in Tampines. Great rod for popping.

13 lures include;
- New but no box Nomad Riptide 200 Sinking 105g
- Used Nomad Chug Norris 180 Popper 120g
- New but no box Nomad Madscad 150 Sinking 77g
- New but no box Nomad Riptide 155 Sinking 52g
- New in nox FCL Labo Ebipop 120RR
- Beito 70g
- Zerek Popper 90g
- New but no box Shimano Ocea Pencil
- Karnage Stickbaits 96g x 2 (New x 1, Used x 1)
- Savage Gear 3D Roach Jerkster 66g
- Savage Gear Sinking Pencil 53g
- Gamma 140 copy x 2 (New x 1, Used x 1)

Terminals include;
- Xesta Split Rings 220lb
- NT Swivels 212kg
- Varivas Shock Leader 130lb
- Mustad Inline Hooks Size 4/0, 7/0 and 8/0 (All debarbed)
- BKK Diablo Inline Hooks Size 7/0 and 9/0 (All debarbed)
- Owner Stinger Treble x 4 boxes (All new)

Accessories include;
- Split Ring Pliers with cover (for heavy duty split rings)
- New Golden Mean Fighting Pad

Bucketmouth BM-7000 includes;
- Bucketmouth BM-7000
- Quick Release Straps
- Tray
- 2 Meiho boxes for lures and terminals
- 2 Meiho side boxes for used jigs or terminal storage

Ok to trade for heavy rated baitcasting or spinning travel rod with equal value or top up from your side.
Will consider Fishman, Dear Monster or Huerco or a good brand.

NOTE: Will include 65lb Sufix 832 enough for Shimano size 8000 reel if conditions and price met. You buy this set, you're almost ready for popping except for a good reel.

1. First come, first served, no reservations allowed unless with a deposit
2. Pick up under my block in Tampines
3. No separate sales
4. Deal before 07Jun19

Posted Date
June 7, 2019
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