Majorcraft KG Evolution, KGS-862L

130.00 $
Majorcraft KG Evolution, KGS-862L
Spinning, 2 pcs, mid join
8.6 feet
Lure weight: 7 - 23g
Line: 6 - 12 lb

Used less than 5 times.
Comes with a ton of freebies:
Ganko Iwashi 20g jigs, 5 pcs
Duo Realis Pencil 85
Duo Tetraworks, Yurameki
Yozuri L Minnow, 2 pcs
Trevalina soft plastics 5", 5 pcs
Curl tail soft plastic, 2", 10 pcs
OSP, Do Live Craw, 2", around 10 pcs
Cultiva, curl tail, 1.5", around 10 pcs
Meiho reversible lure box
Surecatch small reversible lure box
Metal clips for keeping fish live in the water, 5 pcs

Please call me at 91441600 if youre interested.
Posted Date
February 10, 2019
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