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Storm Gomoku Slo4 Evolution PE 2 – Model SFV631-2

180.00 $
Bought it brand new from ewave (May) 6mths ago. Only used 2x. Once in southern, the other in Tuas. Rod condition is immaculate. The reason why I’m selling such a new rod is because my friend wants to sell me his high end slow fall rod, so I’m selling this to fund for that. Wish I can have both but abit tight budget.

This rod is an all-round, slow jigging game spec rod that is ideal for working jigs from 80 to 200 grams in depths of up to approximately 80m of water. Ideal for Groupers, Snappers and other demersal and pelagic species. Comes equipped with Fuji SiC K-guides and Fuji T-DPS reel seat that is suitable for larger baitcast reels.
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January 24, 2020
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