Zenaq Glanz B78 - 10X

900.00 $
Length: 7'8" / Lure: 100-400g / PE Line: MAX#7
78-10X is developed to use heavier bigbaits which is becoming a new stream in lure fishing, such as using medium to heavy soft-swimbaits, heavy jointed-lures, heavy muskellunge lures, and heavy Alabama-rigs.
You can cast 400g lures very easily as if you were casting 50g lures.
Because of its rod length of 7’8”, needless to say using it from a boat, it also shows great performance in land based casting game.
It performs great casting distance, trace-line control, swim-range control, and lure action until a lure reaches your feet.
Also, its handle length helps to cast bigbaits without too much power.

78-10X is not a “mere stiff rod” which is only focused on casting heavy lures, but it has sufficient flexibility to support all your necessary moves to catch fish, like casting heavy lures, lure action, hooking, and fight without hook-out.
Well-balanced sensitive tip section and powerful flex butt section are created by using several different carbon materials with an experienced ZENAQ knowledge, and the blank draws a very smooth bending curve.
70-10X, which is well-combined of 2 opposite factors of “sensitivity” and “power”, shows high versatility in various waters in the world.

Condition 10/10.
Please message me at 90120013 if you are keen.
thank you.
Posted Date
May 18, 2020
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