103 pieces of New jigheads (3.5g, 5g and 7g)

25.00 $
Selling new jigheads. I acquired these from AliExpress sometime ago. These hooks are alright, tested at PRMP. Not for Barelang, or for zhanging fish obviously.

Counted is at;
3.5g x 26 pieces (Price on AliExpress is 1.37/5 pieces)
5g x 30 pieces (Price on AliExpress is 1.62/5 pieces)
7g x 47 pieces (Price on AliExpress is $2.06/5 pieces).
That would be around $35 give or take. I'm selling all for $25. That's 0.25cents per piece.

So grab now. Comes with Daiso box somemore.

Selling as a set. Pick up at Tampines One Taxi Stand. PM if interested.
Posted Date
March 26, 2019
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