Active Strong Snaps (value packets made in Japan)

5.50 $
*Last remaining stocks before a slight upward adjustment to price of newer stock due to higher cost of JDM stuff.

Latest update:
*size #2 (sold out)
-the other sizes available

As requested by fellow kakis who love these Active Strong Snaps from Kobe, Japan. I have acquired more of these direct from Japan. Have been selling well to friendly kakis n their referrals. Thks guys![2]

Not available locally but can now be had at a low price especially in these value packet offerings that are hard to find.

$5.50 a packet (all sizes)
-by Regular mail minimum order is 3pkts (add $0.50 for stamp fee), buyers to accept all risk associated with our postal service i can only send vid of drop off into mailbox via whatsapp as proof of mailing
-deal at my place in hougang any quantity.

Specs & Ratings:
#00 (Length 8mm): 25pcs per packet, max 14.8kg/32lb Recommended for UL, BFS, microjigging n even down to Aji size presentations if u change lures often and don't intend to tie direct or use splitrings. Have full confidence to land biggies above your line rating. A PRMP favorite size despite its tiny size.

#0 (Length 10mm): 25pcs per packet, max 19.4kg/42lb
Recommended for wild kim, smaller temmensis and pelagics where your choice of lure gets bigger and beyond small soft plastics to stuff like hardbodies.

#1 (12mm): 22pcs per packet, max 25.3kg/55lb
Recommended for high drag game due to structure and hard fighting fishes. Example Toman, Temmy, Grouper, and various pelagics hanging around structure breakwaters. (If your rod tip guide is big just upsize to #2)

#2 (15mm): 20pcs per packet, max 31.5kg/69lb
Go big or go home, Kiasu, lock drag kind of game. Just don't be shy to try. The snap still doesn't look excessively big but packs a real punch many brands can't even match.

Made in Japan.
Used in their recommended ratings they are as good as impossible to open. All the time they are lost to line bust offs from snags n fish. They are strong yet easy to open and close without damaging fingernails. There are hardly any trustworthy snaps out there at this price that comes close to these in performance.

Ever encountered issues like these?
-1 or 2pieces QC failed out of shape snaps u can't even use fresh from the packet?
-Phantom snap breakage when opening to swop lure after several lure changes or over 1 o 2ops breaking while not in battle.
-After a strong battle or lure change the snap can't close back like its original position?
-Or snaps so heavily rated you hurt your fingers or wreck your nails everytime you change your lures.

These are common problems I have faced using VMC, cultiva, decoy V-snaps, bombada n many other snaps in my time. Enough is enough. It sux alot more when some of these snaps cost more n perform worse.

These are problems you won't find with Active snaps.

DON'T just take my word for it. End buyers feedback are always more legit. Have attached a couple of feedbacks for viewing. Have many more but u may whatsapp me if u wish to view.

Pls whatsapp Nine003-5O45 to purchase.

Cheers & Tightlines!
Posted Date
June 13, 2020
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